One weekend to transform yourself. 

Are you looking for more? 

More health, more confidence, clarity about what's next, more energy, more impact.

This unique, hands on program gives you everything you need to easily and successfully shift your health & life.  If you're serious about feeling your best, gaining confidence and knowing exactly what steps you need to take, this weekend gives you the deep insight required to make 6-8 months of changes in just 3 days. Tailored to each individual we explore topics like hormonal health, supplements, self-sabotage and how to create habits while making and enjoying amazing food.

You know it's not just about the food for you and that's exactly where the 'soul' comes into this retreat. If you are willing to deep dive into what's holding you back, be open to receive what will move you forward with a tribe of like minded women, this is for you.

Plus, you get to feel nourished and taken are of on all levels for a beautiful getaway weekend!

Day 2 - Outer Game

The second day is focused on action. What tangible steps will move you toward your goals & beyond.

-Routines & rituals: how to successfully implement them to feel centred and grounded

-Fitness & exercise: what it takes to feel lean & strong

-Build a 3-6 month action plan that fits effortlessly in your hectic life (=long term changes that are sustainable!)

-Create and enjoy delicious and nourishing food



Day 1 - Inner Game                      

The first day is dedicated to understanding & learning:

-Your core motivations for making change (hint: this makes new habits easy!)

-The Cycle of Growth 

-Recognizing & avoiding self-sabotage

-Connecting with your journey and what the most important next steps are

-Create and enjoy delicious & nourishing food

-Unique content tailored to you





Throughout my life I’ve spent countless amounts of money on weight loss and nutrition. To this day, none of those have worked or stayed with me. This course is real life eating for real life people with life time benefits!
— Maria D.
I came to the retreat expecting a pleasant weekend with some discussion of what we eat and why we eat it. The weekend ended up leaving me with so much more than I could have asked for and I left the retreat a different person. This opportunity, to completely open up with other women with different backgrounds and stories and being able to find parts of yourself within them, was simply a wonderful thing. I did take away very helpful and practical strategies for improving my day to day life, but more importantly, I walked away with a new love for myself and the people around me and the desire to nurture this love. I have always known Cara to be an amazing and loving woman, but the quality of support and gentle guidance she gave over the course of the weekend was extraordinary and I am very grateful to have been able to embrace this opportunity to experience it.
— -Beth Turner
I loved the combination of Cara being a wealth of knowledge combined with her practical demonstrations. Cara is always open to questions and I felt her energy and enthusiasm infuse us all with positive energy.
— Jo Wishnevski
This weekend impacted me in many ways I wasn’t expecting. Learning about overall health and how it affects both my emotional and psychical well being and developing tools for success.
— -Sarah