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                   a two month program of inner knowing

"It's not about 'what can I accomplish?' but 'what do I WANT to accomplish?' Paradigm shift.” Brene Brown

How your heart, soul and intuition leads you to what you truly WANT in life is a powerful indicator of how to revel in the present, while knowing how to anchor into the future with your highest alignment. 

Join us for our Soul Clarity Summer Sessions ~ a 2 month journey of inner knowing, soulful wisdom and self-clarity.

Why wait for September until a new season of growth begins? Instead, join us to refresh, recenter, and recalibrate, together with a group of radiant women.

Imagine this summer ~ soaking in the remembering of your inner wisdom and shining your radiance and passion in all that you are. Just because it’s summer time, it doesn't mean we put our growth and expansion on the back-burner, but instead, we can dive deeper into our souls clarity and feel our way forward to where (and how) we want to proceed ahead.

We revel in celebration of what we have experienced and embodied since the new year began, and we can continue to integrate, embody and honour the flow of our personal seasons and deepening our connecting to our vision.

This process doesn't need to be done alone, but we find that in community, we remember together and we rise together. We honour our individual journey as much as we celebrate our collective vibration.

These soulful sessions remind you that you know the way and we help you remember with  intuitive guidance that infuses the practical + soulful with loving support.


This is for you if:

~ your monkey mind is running with questions and fears rather than clear answers and deep knowing

~ your body and health desire more energy and harmony

~ you want clarity of your inner flow to manifest your external results

~ you want to lead with authenticity and intuition rather than intellect and logic

~ you feel excited about the blend of your soulful + practical life design


These intimate community calls will help you cultivate your inner knowing. All things are resonate, whether you’re a high performing entrepreneur, new to your spiritual practice or whether you have big visions you want to bring to life. We can dive into anything that calls to your heart; Self-care, Body-love, Health, Pleasure, Entrepreneurship, Passion Projects, Soul-knowing & Freedom-feeling…

Each month, we have time and space to get centred, then guide each woman through different intuitive processes to get you clear on your inner truth and answers to your practical or soulful questions. We aim to leave you feeling inspired, connected & joyfully empowered with practices of self-discovery and embodied wholeness.


Fun things that may come up that we LOVE:

~ meditations & breath work

~ self-care strategies & body-freedom

~ rituals & life design

~ chakra, ancestral & shamanic healing

~ leading with the essence of JOY

~ tapping into flow & your zone of genius

~ reminders from your soul (many “of course!” moments)

~ + so much more!




Soul Clarity Summer Sessions ~ 2 sessions (plus bonus gifts!)

July 18th & August 15th at 7:30pm

Calls are 60 - 75min via Zoom video and can host up to 6 women.

Payment Options

$162.00 full payment via e-transfer

$ 85 monthly payment for 2 months via credit card

Not feeling the sisterhood yet?  ;)

Let’s dive in and go deep.

Book your 75-90 minute call with Cara & Martine. $249 full payment by e-transfer.

"You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul." - Marie Forleo

Who we are

Martine Kleissen

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Martine has a powerful gift for knowing and honouring her inner truth. Through her own spiritual and shamanic practices she blends ancient traditions and wisdom in order to support others to experience their own healing. A gifted Kundalini Dance Facilitator, her gifts are bringing women together to remember their truth and amplify their JOY while walking beside them with celebration on their journey. She’s also been a kick-ass Event Planner and Project Manager for the last 15 years and she knows how to blend the practical and the soulful with ease. What lights Martine up is a good cup of strong coffee, the simple pleasures of life and the beautiful embodiment of FREEDOM.


Cara Halber

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Cara has been dubbed the Queen of Simplicity, often asking “what is one thing you can do to move you forward?” She practices in holistic health and nourishing the body, mind & soul with ease. Her love of food and nutrition shines through as does digging past the surface of what is holding you back in your health and life. You’ll often find her being active with her hubby Derrick or writing in a journal and enjoying a bulletproof coffee. Her number one value is JOY.


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