Hi, I'm Cara. It's so nice to meet you.

My passion is supporting women to reclaim their ultimate vision of themselves. That means more energy, feeling freaking amazing in your body, waking up with joy, and ditching overwhelm.

During my years in practice I've worked with hundreds of women giving them simple tools and knowledge to meet their health goals. All of my work focuses on practices that are realistic, quick to implement and serve you for the rest of your life.

I'm not a quick fix kinda girl, we're here to get to the root of why you're not feeling like yourself. (which still means you can see changes sooner than later).

Professionally, I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Pastry Chef and have my BSc in Cell Biology & Genetics. Along with numerous other studies I've meshed my knowledge together to provide you up to date, relevant information.

My focus is on Modern Nourishment.

The knowledge and practices we need to THRIVE in the world today.


On a personal note

I love getting to know my tribe on a intimate level, so here's some things you maybe didn't know about me...

  • I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with amazing family who taught me how to grow food and where I fell in love with cooking.
  • I'm 6 ft tall...and yes, I did play basketball for about 10 years, 4 of those on a competitive provincial level.
  • The darker the chocolate the better.
  • I live in North Vancouver, Canada with my amazing husband, Derrick and our two fur babies/cats, Samurai Jack & Nina the Ninja (aka Sam & Nina)
  • I'm not scared of much, except theme park rides & spiders
  • When I'm not working I'm reading, hiking, running, playing at Orange Theory Fitness, enjoying a delicious meal, on an adventure with Derrick or drinking coffee with a friend 
Photo by Linda Mackie Photography

Photo by Linda Mackie Photography

With Derrick after qualifying for the Boston Marathon in Vancouver.

With Derrick after qualifying for the Boston Marathon in Vancouver.

My love of baking started early!

My love of baking started early!