In Balance

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It's okay to not be happy with where you're at

You can have a health-ish lifestyle, you do personal growth and you're making progress in your life and you can STILL not be happy with how you look. It's okay, you're not alone and it is possible for you to see real change.

You've likely been working on losing weight for a while and are looking for a sustainable system that actually works.

The In Balance Guide is just that, your solution to ditch frustration, understand why what you're doing isn't working and a step by step program to get your body in balance.

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PS. This guide is not:

- a one size fits all, restrictive or a program that forces you to count everything you eat

-guaranteed results in a certain time frame (your body is complex and we don't know you very well... yet!)

-the same old diet tactics and promises that you've heard again and again

It is:

-packed full of education and success tips so that you'll get the most out of your experience

-written from 9 1/2 years of experience of supporting women to lose weight, sustainably and easily

-a guide to help you get more in touch with your body so that you can work as a team and achieve amazing energy, confidence and form


Imagine eating foods that are satisfying and delicious, all while you lose weight. You feel confident, you look forward to dressing up and going out and you are falling more deeply in love with yourself. Grab your copy and the rest is up to you!