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We support women who feel stuck and frustrated with their health and life to get back to being confident, energetic & joyful.


Who we are

Meet Cara and discover what the the Soulful Living Academy can do for you.



Programs & Services

From one on one coaching to retreats and workshops, there's something for each stage of your journey.                                                         

SPeaking & Contact

Have Cara speak at your next event or conference to empower people to master small shifts that have the power to change lives.



Why this work matters

When you feel good, you live each day as the best version of yourself. 

When you feel energized you can be present and positively impact everyone around you.

You deserve to feel good. You have put everyone else first for too long. You know everyone will benefit when you feel better, it's time to take the leap.


What we do

1. Support you to get clear on what you really want and what core value is driving your desire to change (hint: it's much easier to make changes when you know the core of your motivation)

2. Teach you to undo patterns and increase awareness of self-sabotaging and unconscious habits

3. Take what you know, pare it down to what you actually need to implement to be successful (mastering simple habits)

4. Consistent check ins to keep you accountable

5. Course correction and reflection as life happens

6. Unlocking your freedom and the ability to navigate your life with ease, success, and confidence


Reserve Your Adventure

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